Lekkie BBSHD Bling Ring : 42 Teeth Of POWER ~ 160 Grams ~ 95 Clam$

The Lekkie Bling Ring for the BBSHD is available in flaming ass red or super stealthy black.

The Lekkie Bling Ring for the BBSHD is available in flaming-ass red (for type A personalities) or super-stealthy black (for type B personalities).

Daryl from Lekkie sent me a production BBSHD Bling Ring last week that I tested on my Phat Phuk build. Like the original Lekkie Bling ring for the BBS02, the BBSHD Bling Ring did not disappoint. Incredibly durable, the 42 tooth Bling Ring is machined from 7075 Aluminium and T6 hardened for long life and then the final product is anodized red or black. The narrow/wide tooth pattern help to prevent annoying unintentional chain derailment issues and also dramatically decreases tooth wear. Our favorite Aussie Speed Freak Bruno threw a BBS02 Lekkie ring on a heavy cargo bike and made this video examining it after beating on it for whopping 6000km. This should give you some idea of how much use you’re going to get out of this ring before you have to replace it (it’s almost as hard as steel). I’ve used 2 Lekkie Bling rings on several of my BBS02 builds and they have never given me any cause for complaint. The BBSHD Lekkie Bling Ring was everything I thought it would be and more. It’s relatively inexpensive, lighter than any other 42T Bafang chainring out there and it worked flawlessly during my testing.

At 160g the Lekkie Bling Ring is the lightest aftermarket chainring around.

At 160g the Lekkie Bling Ring is the lightest aftermarket chainring around to date.

I had some trouble getting the Lekkie Bling Ring to mount properly on my enormous 5.05″ actual width Snowshoe 2XL tired Phat Phuk. In order to get the chainring to clear my intrusive chainstay I had to space it out about 3.25mm but that was nowhere near enough to clear the tire. The tiny M5 bolts that come with the BBSHD were nowhere near long enough to space out any more than that. After a trip to Lowes I grabbed some stainless steel metric 16mm long M5 hex bolts for about $5. This allowed my to space out the chainring a massive 6.5mm which is about as far as you’re going to get without the M5 bolts hitting the crank arm. If you need more offset you can either grind down the crankarm so the M5 bolts don’t hit or you can shift the entire drive unit toward the drive side using a spacer on the axle of the BBSHD against the BB on the drive side (instructions here). The first option will be a lot less work and is what I recommend. Lekkie will be producing 2mm spacers for the chainring in the near future, if you need more than 2mm of spacing then you will just need to stack them. If you need more than 4mm of spacing then you will need longer M5 screws than what ships with the BBSHD. The Luna Eclipse ring has .8mm more offset toward the bike than the Lekkie Bling Ring although if you look at the rings side by side the offset looks to be much greater since the Lekkie ring is much thinner where it mounts to the drive unit.

Lekkie Bling Ring next to the Lunacycle Eclipse ring. Smaller teeth with a less rectangular tooth profile, about the same massive offset

Lekkie Bling Ring next to the Lunacycle Eclipse ring. The Lekkie has much smaller teeth but about the same massive offset that you will want.

Because I didn’t have a BBSHD spacer I had to fashion one myself. The bolts are very close to the protruding center hub so if you want to use washers then you will need to grind one side of them down with a grinder. I use vice grips to hold the washer then grind them down, I had to use 20 washers to get it spaced out far enough to clear the tire for a total of 6.5 mm of spacing. In order to mount the wheel you will need a small platform to hold all the screws in and then set it on the table and line up the washers so the flat part is toward the center. Use a hot glue craft gun to glue the washers so that their orientation won’t change when you try to mount it. Then lift up the platform with the chain wheel so your bolts don’t fall off and gently mount the chain wheel by threading each bolt a few turns being careful not to bump the washers enough to dislodge the glue. It’s important to not get any glue on the top of the washer where it might make the chain wheel crooked and also to make sure there is no metal shavings on the sides of the ground down washers that will do the same thing. I used a mat knife to cut off the metal flakes that clung to the washer after grinding.

Craft glue has thousands of uses, be smart and just buy a spacer.

Craft glue has thousands of uses, be smart and just buy a BBSHD spacer if you have a >4″ tire or an intrusive chainstay.

The bolt patterns on the BBSHD and BBS02 are completely incompatible so make sure you buy the right Bling Ring for the drive unit you have. Bafang geared the BBSHD way too high by shipping it with a 46T chainring. The 42T Lekkie chainring is much better for single track trail riding. There are some crazy new 10 speed cassettes that have 42T grannies like the Sunrace CS-MX3 for $68 which is a 10-speed cassette that has a whopping 42T granny (the thing is insanely huge). I’ll be testing this cassette with the Phat Phuk next week and will hopefully have a review posted soon. I think that the 42T Lekkie and a 42T cog should be an awesome combo for the BBSHD that will climb almost any incline with ease and still have tons of torque. This is a much better (and cheaper) option than going for a Wolftooth 42T granny and throwing it on a normal cassette like many people have done.

If you use the Lekkie with a single speed setup you really must use a chain tensioner. Otherwise if the chain comes off you will have a very hard time getting it back on without either loosening up the rear hub or bending the chain wheel due to the massive offset of the Lekkie ring.

I have no complaints about the new Lekkie BBSHD Bling Ring except that it needs a spacer or a version for fatties with a milder offset

I have no complaints about the new Lekkie BBSHD Bling Ring except that it needs a factory spacer to ease install. I bought that Subaru in the background for $300 and it’s newer than any of my other 4 cars.

As of right now there is no one who is selling a BCD adapter for the BBSHD, although I suspect there will be soon. Due to the way the BBSHD is designed any BCD104 adapter is going to have a really bad chainline, so dealers may settle on making BCD110 chainring adapters only. If you have a BBSHD then right now you currently only have 3 options.

  • Use the stock steel POS 46T chainring that comes with the BBSHD for FREE and weighs in at 558g
  • Buy a Luna Eclipse aftermarket 42T ring which is only sold to Lunacycle.com BBSHD customers for $99 and weighs in at 240g with replaceable teeth
  • Get a Lekkie Bling Ring aftermarket 42T chainring which is sold for around $95 and weighs in at 160g
Lekkie had access to the BBSHD cad files to design their ring with

Lekkie had access to the BBSHD CAD files to design their custom fitted chain ring with. Their hard work paid off.

It will be up to each BBSHD user to decide what chainring will work best for them, but one thing is for sure and that is that using the stock Bafang chainring for me is just not a viable option. Many weight weenies will often pay as much as $1 a GRAM to shave weight of their bikes and the weight difference between the steel chainring and the Lekkie is 398g which is almost an entire pound! I can only tolerate 20 minutes of the Brazilian Butt-lift workout video with my wife (true story) which only burns off a measly 144 calories. It takes 3000 calories to burn off just a pound off those love handles which means 6.94 hours of non-stop Brazilian Butt-lift to lose just one measly pound. Sounds like a special kind of hell reserved just for me.

The chain clearance even with 6.5mm of offset was totally marginal

The chain clearance even with 6.5mm of offset was totally marginal, about 1.5mm of tire clearance and it still rubbed on the bottom chain in the biggest granny gear. This build is the fattest of the fatties and yours will not be this bad.

You can get the Lekkie Bling Ring from Paul at em3ev in China for about $95 + shipping here (the retail is $140, but who pays retail?). If you want to buy this ring stateside you can also get it from California e-bike, Empowered cycles and Lunacycle.com. For a full list of worldwide dealers & the full product details check out this link here. There are some crazy price wars going on between Paul and Eric right now and both have dropped the prices of their BBSHD drive units by hundreds of dollars. Paul is selling the BBSHD for $599 + $60 for a gear sensor + shipping from China to the US right here and Eric had dropped his price to $699 (w/out gear sensor) + US Ground shipping right here. When ebike vendors go batsh!t crazy and battle for the cheapest prices, the consumer always wins. There has never been a better time to buy a BBSHD and although my initial impressions of this drive unit were left wanting, I have to admit it has really grown on me. I actually find it hard to go back to using my BBS02 units. With a smaller 42T chainring like the Lekkie Bling Ring the BBSHD really shines on singletrack and in soft sand, nothing else on the market right now really compares.

3-cloud-drive-ui 17012016 84426 p.m.

A beautiful cutaway? Dude where did my motor and the innards go? So pretty.

Lekkie is currently looking for dealers in Europe and Canada so contact them here if you’re interested.

So should you spring for a Lekkie Bling Ring? If you have a BBSHD getting an aftermarket chainring is not optional, it’s mandatory. If you can suffer through riding with the 46T monster metal doorstop that Bafang is trying to push on you then you are a better man (or woman) than I.

No animals were harmed in the testing of this chainring.

Ride On.

That is an awfully clean chainring mounted on an absolutely filthy bike. The cleanliness won't last I assure you.

That is an awfully clean chainring mounted on an absolutely filthy bike. The cleanliness won’t last I assure you.

Disclaimer: I did not pay for the Lekkie chainring that was sent to me but I felt like I really deserved it and that it in no way influenced this review (yeah right, I’m an unforgiving e-bike parts whore). I figured that I didn’t ask for any free stuff, Daryl just offered and sent it which makes everything all alright. (Yes, I am a freeloading degenerate scumbag, so what?)

30 thoughts on “Lekkie BBSHD Bling Ring : 42 Teeth Of POWER ~ 160 Grams ~ 95 Clam$

  1. Just ordered the new Luna 30 tooth ring for the BBSHD. I think its gonna be great for steeper single track. Especially in the snow. Slower speeds will be easier. Showing out of stock now but was in stock when I ordered …


  2. Once again… FANTASTIC article.. covering every little detail, mentioning the 42T Sunrace cassette and the “price war” between Eric and Paul haha… would be very interesting to see you reviewing this 30T as well…
    Ah… thanks for linking my “6000km on Lekkie Bling Ring” video, I think I have recommended your website 3457 times while replying messages in my channel… Love this “Bafang Wikipedia” so much POWEEEEEER.. =]

    Liked by 1 person

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  8. I was just looking at the prices on the Luna Cycle and EM3ev site, after reading your article. Nice article BTW. The prices on EM3ev are actually a bit lower than you stated for the BBSHD Options. I did a like for like comparison of the landed price to LA. It is quite a bit less from EM3ev and that is before you consider CA tax, which adds quite a bit to the total. Just saying 🙂


      • Sorry, my comment was meant as some additional info, rather than as a correction and I apologize if it came across as such 🙂

        Look, all I’m saying is this. You mention price wars in your article and I recently saw it stated that buying from A, within the USA, was cheaper than B, because B’s additional costs, offset the lower base price. My point is that, no, this is not true at all. B is currently significantly cheaper for the BBSHD (landed in the USA), than A. And that is before you consider local taxes, that B doesn’t add. To the rest of the World, outside the USA, the cost savings are much more (lots of other suppliers are cheaper than A, to the rest of the World). I’m just adding my $0.02.

        Keep the informative articles coming!


      • Yeah, you might be right, but not with local support in the USA and a well established track record for good service and taking care of warranty issues.


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  10. Read this comment on Electric Bike dot Com and it seems a bit strong. Any comment, you’ve tried both?

    Electric Bike Mod > 4 days ago

    lol we just got 70 lekkie chain rings from the lekkie supplier in China…..and they were all 1mm off ….we had to have our machinest bore them out. The screen printing was off etc. There is no comparison to our ring and the Lekkie ring…the annodizing the finish..the design..the level of qualty …sorry. .. you are way off. You are purely talking out of your ass “peter”


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  12. Hi Folks, I have a few questions on compatibility.

    i just purchased to go with a BBSHD which is a conversion on a regular Cannondale F600 mtn bike.

    The reason I purchased was to improve the initial chainline with my cassette. I had first used a 52 tooth ring on a regular Befang adapter. (which in error I chose way too big and will be going back to something between 40 and 44) Obviously with the big ring if I was going up into the largest three gears in back the chainline was too much and the chain fell off to the inside. So I was going to just use a smaller chainring, like a 30-44 tooth ring. I hadn’t purchased it yet when I saw the Lekki.

    Once I saw this I thought I had the solution, since it had such a nice offset to the inside that I thought this would be the superior solution and things would line up. It came and my ebike dealer installed, The chainline was almost perfect–the chainring lined up with the 4th smallest gear in the rear (Shimano 11-34 nine speed from 10 years ago), and I think Ideally it would have lined up with the 5th but I thought that was pretty good. I’m using a new 9 speed chain from SRAM I believe.

    After installing I ran through the gears and the same thing happened–the top three gears were unusable, with the chain falling off to the inside again. I’m thinking the thickness of this Lekki is trying to keep the chain straight and won’t allow any bend up to the bigger gears, which I want for “limp home” mode when my battery dies.

    The clearance to the chainstay is pretty close–couldn’t get much closer, so I think the chainring is in about the same position as my stock 44 tooth big ring before I converted to the Befang. I know usually the biggest gear in back is not a gear with the biggest ring in front, but not three. Something’s wrong here.

    My dealer and I were stumped so I’m hoping in my description one of you out there might have some suggestions on what to do:

    do I remove any links of chain? It seemed like I didn’t have too much chain.
    do I wait and see if the chain “breaks in” to the new chainring?
    Is the narrow-wide chainring incompatible with the chain?
    would a shimano 9 speed chain be any better?
    or do I just go back to a regular ring and shim it toward the center?

    Any thoughts or comments would be appreciated.


    • Sounds like a chain tension issue. I would adjust the tension of the derailler or remove links in your chain.

      If the Lekkie is up against the chainstay that is the best you’re going to do. There is no chainring that is better than a Lekkie or Luna.

      Also check the distance of the derailler wheel from the gears, you want it very close to the cassette.

      Good luck.


      • Hi, thanks for your answer. I now have a solution! I got the answer from one of the distributors of the product in the US. Drumroll please…It’s the chain. SRAM chains don’t seem to be compatible with this chainring. Simply converting to Shimano fixed the issue entirely. I now have all 9 gears at my disposal. I was surprised. My chainline is about as good as it can be with this Lekkie. The chainring has minimum but adequate clearance to the chainstay. WIth the new gearing I will be confident I can finish my trip if the battery runs out.


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  14. I second Spencer’s comments about questionable manufacturing. The width of the wide teeth on mine is 4mm. That’s huge! So big that it won’t fit a SRAM 10sp chain. For comparison the stock Luna chainring is 3.8mm. My Wolftooth Drop-Stop is 3.7mm. Total bummer.

    I’m going to try other chains to find something that will work and will update when I can.


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