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To promote the usage of electric bikes everywhere through education and high quality information.

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I receive about 20-30 emails a day that I answer from builders like you that are trying to create their own electric bike. Please make an effort to educate yourself using this website, and before you send me an email. My responses will be short and to the point and I will expend NO EFFORT to try to sell you on a particular drive system or battery. When I work I charge $80-90/hr and my time is incredibly valuable. I’ve already spent about $100,000 of my own time building this site that you can access for FREE. Educate yourself before asking questions and do not question my answers. I’ve found that people frequently ignore free advice but listen very carefully to what I say when I’m billing them $90/hr. Pretend I am billing you $90/hr to answer your emails and act accordingly.

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When you complete a build send me a quick email and a picture so I can get stoked off your builds. Here is a sample email from Peter in NM

For 3 days now I’ve been riding my 750W BBS02 fatbike, and I cannot stop giggling and laughing, out loud!
I believe I have read most all of your posts, and with the provided insight and experience, I took your advice. And I quote:
“Build your own electric fatbike. Beg, borrow and steal the parts. I promise to show you how to build a bike that doesn’t totally suck if you follow my instructions. You must believe in yourself, that you can do it.”
You were right! I could do it, and have.

These kinds of emails are what keep me writing.

Write On.

39 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Trying to mid drive a specialized fatboy. So far i see only hpc has done one. They will not sell it. What are my options. Also i dont see 32 hole hub motors


  2. RE: Dark Matter – Bullseye Monster Pro DIY Biktrix BBS02

    I have noticed you had set it up with ‘battery in the backpack’. Would you happen to know if standard Samsung case would fit into the frame of a Medium (16″) bike? I am 5’10”. Assuming 16″ is good for me. The battery case I a referring to is:



    • Most likely. You should measure the frame and guesstimate. Unless it is full suspension the answer is probably yes. Some people drill all the way through the their down-tube and put a bolt through it to hold the Samsung battery in place. I’d just throw it in my backpack…


    • Correction: DEADEYE Monsters now come with 100mm BBs instead of 68mm ones. Repeat: the single speed fat bike from Bikes Direct, the Deadeye Monster has a 100mm BB. And the Bullseye does too….


      • Also, you no longer need an offset crank arm on the L/H side AND the relief in the R/H chainstay is larger now so there is no contact anyone. No need for washers or spacers with the 100mm BB either. Really, this job is Plug and Play, it’s like the bike was built for a BBSHD!


  3. Karl…. I Freaking love your articles. I have built three e-bikes in the last 6 months, two with the BBS02 and number three is a FatBike with the BBSHD. Your info has been super help full and entertaining!!! I ride in the Mountains here in Utah….and Fat-e-Bike is the only way to go!!!


  4. Hi Karl,
    Do you know if installing a BBSHD on a Boris X7 would be “plug and play” affair or would require extensive work?

    Thanks a lot for your great site!


  5. I’m just starting my Deadeye conversion to a SHD. Want to swap out the 1sp for a 3sp IGH. Sturmey Archer S-RK3 3sp looks compatible (both deadeye hub and SA RK3 hubs are 135MM). You have recommended 170mm hubs on other conversions; that’s too wide for a Deadeye 135mm rear insert. Any recommendations?


  6. Hi,
    My bike is: MTB Giant Talon 3 – 2016 model that comes with Hydraulic brakes and has 27.5 inch tires.
    I really like your website and all the nice details. Good job.
    I am confused about two e bike kits: Bafang mid drive motor 750W 48v, or the new Leed 500W series front wheel hub motor?
    With the Leed hub motor, I will not loose my front derailleur as well as the Hydraulic brakes! I know the mid drive is more powerful and 80% of my cycling is onroad, but I want to overcome the uphills in my neighbourhood.
    Any recommendations on my options to choose, I would be more than thankful.
    Thanks again.


    • Hi please see clip link of the problem I’m having wit bike I was going up a
      step drive and it cut out and when i pressed the throttle it just keep
      clicking, and when I stopped and tried to carry on it just keeps clicking
      no movement?

      Please see goggle drive link and also YouTube link of bike



      Thanks in advance




  7. I’m about to pull the trigger on a bikes direct fattie. Thinking of the Night Train or Sturgis bullet and combining that with a BBSHD and a smaller front chain ring. I need power/torque not top speed. I will be using the bike for accessing duck hunting spots in mud and snow on flat ground possibly towing up to 30-50 lbs. What do you think would be the best set up? Thanks for this great blog!!


  8. Hello I want to build a fast commuter, but it has BB86, is it impossible to buy from Luna? Is lectric cycles the only one that sells with a conversion kit?


    • I’m not sure what kind of conversion kit is going to work with the BB86, according to Matt that BB gets narrow in the middle and needs to be machined away to fit the BBSHD or BBS02. Check out this article. I would just get another bike to convert.


  9. You’re a good man Karl. I am so happy I found this site when researching and installing my BBSHD. I have learned a great deal from here.
    The time and effort you have put into this blog is astounding and very much appreciated.
    Please keep up the amazing work.


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