Bzzzzzt : Why Metal Zippers And Male XT60 Connectors Are A Horrible Combination

3 years ago my good friend Laurence showed me a male XT60 connector that had shorted out by hitting something metal in his triangle bag. I had a good laugh at his expense and thought to myself ‘nothing like that is ever going to happen to me because I’m so careful’. 3 years later pulling my battery out of my backpack that exact thing happened. My XT60 Male charge connector hit the backpack zipper, made a lot of sharks and soot and scared the living crap out of me. This article is about several ways to fix the XT60 Male charge connector problem and why you shouldn’t be a dumbass (like I was) and completely ignore this safety issue.

Look bad? It was.

There are 3 ways to deal with this issue I will address from easiest to most involved:

Any XT60 cap that doesnt fall off will probably work just fine

Buy an XT60 cap

You can get 5 XT60 caps from ebay or Hobbyking here for $2.90 which is about $.58 each. This is by far your easiest option. If you want to find them just search for ‘xt60 caps’

This shows a homemade XT60 cap for a Luna Wolf pack, yes I know it’s dirty, it’s going in the dishwasher soon

Build an XT60 cap out of all those XT60 connectors you have lying around

Takes about 30 seconds to do, I build 5 of them at a time. Since you don’t care about the quality of the XT 60 connectors (they are not transferring power through them) just buy the cheapest ones you can get on ebay. The cheapest I can find is about $.20 . Below is a video of the process for your entertainment. I need to get to 1000 subscribers to embed links in my videos and become a “Youtube partner” so do me a solid and click subscribe on my channel pretty please with cream and sugar on it. I know, I can barely stand to watch myself talk, you don’t have to watch more than one video, just subscribe to my channel and ignore all of my future videos. I really won’t mind.

Go all in and swap out your XT60 Male for a Female because women are always right anyway

My wife has me well-trained and I’ve learned to realize that she is always right, so at this point, I rarely argue (unless she is threatening my cheese consumption). If you want to clip your Male connector off I recommend that you only cut and solder one side at a time (I start with the red wire). When you have the red wire cut you should wrap the entire other connector and wire inside a nitrile glove just to be safe. The last thing you want to happen when playing with your soldering gun is to accidentally touch both wires and then short the battery out. With the nitrile glove there it will give something awful smelling you will have to burn through before you can kill yourself. I am beyond paranoid when I work with any ebike battery because I know way too many people who have had issues (lost an eye, started a fire, burned down their house, the list goes on).

Soldering ebike batteries is no joke.

You can see the other connector and wire wrapped in a glove to keep it safe

When swapping out any wires on the battery take your time and finish with whatever you’re doing and heat shrink tube it before you move on to the other wire. The best way to screw yourself is to cut and strip both wires and the same time and hope that your tools and gun don’t touch both wires at the same time (they will).

In conclusion, XT60 male charge connectors should be capped or replaced. If you get ‘bit’ you can’t say I didn’t warn you.

Ride On.


11 thoughts on “Bzzzzzt : Why Metal Zippers And Male XT60 Connectors Are A Horrible Combination

  1. IMO Luna and others made a big mistake abandoning Anderson connectors–and I mean the heavy-duty 75A bastards–in favor of the XT’s, especially given Luna’s hobbyist customer base. Besides being much easier to wire and splice with a $20 tool, Andersons connectors have built-in insulation between terminals and are easier to physically connect and disconnect.

    Separately, I was very discouraged to see Luna making noises about now switching from XT’s to some new-fangled connector that may be even more difficult to work with. Give us all a break here in hobbyland and stop trying to reinvent the wheel. If it ain’t broke, blah blah blah.

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    • I don’t own any magnetic connectors for ebikes. My understanding is that it passes very little current through the connector until it is connected then it can pass the full power to the battery. This should protect it from shorts.


  2. Hi Karl, I’ve found the danger of zippers increases exponentially as the Blood Alcohol Content doubles… cheers James


  3. Nice video. I subscribed. What do I win?
    PS-I will not pass on the comment my wife made when she saw your face in the video. 🙂


  4. I learned this one the hard way myself. Male XT60 + M5 water bottle boss socket cap = ‘perfect’ fit. I always add a short extension to my wiring just-in-case (M+F pigtails connected = a short cheap cable) and it paid off. I roasted the cheapo extension and replaced it with another from the parts pile… my underwear required more robust repairs. My next shortie extension was two female pigtails to make a gender bender.


  5. Great advice but also don’t ever use the socket part of the XT60 for anything lipo related would also be worth mentioning. The correct half has recessed internal bullets so a flat piece of metal can’t physically short the battery unlike that open end with 2 bare connectors and no insulation between


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