Storm Electric Fatbike for $499 till Feb 6th

The folks at Storm have finally done it. They are designing and building an electric fatbike for $499.

It’s a 32v Direct Drive system and a steel frame that is claiming to weigh a mere 45lbs. Looks like a great deal for a decent ride. You can check out their Indiegogo campaign here, but hurry it ends on May 3rd.

The Storm Electric Fatbike

The Storm Electric Fatbike

The special pricing of $499 lasts till Feb 6th (this Fri) and after that it goes up to $599. Even though I have no interest in a 36v Direct Drive motor I’m seriously thinking of getting myself one of these just to use as a parts bike. I don’t recognize the tire manufacturer and the rims look like they are decent quality.

This bike will be essentially useless for serious trail riding but it might make a decent commuter.

Ride On.

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