Luna Mighty Mini 30T Chainring For The BBS02 – Because Sometimes Good Things Come In Really, Really Small Packages


Similar to the 30T BBSHD version of the Mighty Mini but with the proper hole pattern for the BBS02

I was pretty depressed yesterday when a surprise package came in the mail from Eric at Lunacycles. Inside of a box filled with candies and cookies was a brand new Mighty Mini 7075 t6 heat treated alloy chain ring for the BBS02 available here for $56. I was so astounded by the sheer beauty of this chainring that I actually sat and stared at it for about 5 minutes. I carefully looked over the machining to see if I could find a single flaw. I couldn’t.

I started to tear up a little bit, and then I hung it on the wall like a piece of art. I was going to call the machinist and tell him what an amazing job he had done, but I didn’t want to have him hear me be all emotional and weepy on the phone, so I didn’t. The next day I took down this work of art, threw it on my Dark Matter build and took it for a spin. It did not disappoint.

When the annodizing is done they run it through the milling machine a second time for that super-bling look

When the anodizing is done they run it through the milling machine a second time for that super-bling look. Try to find someone in China that will do that for you.

First I did a speed test with my old 34T Race Face chainring and my Biktrix chainring adapter on the Biktrix BBS02. On the flats with a fresh battery and pretty low tire pressure, I got up to about 27mph GPS verified. At that speed, there was a good pedaling cadence with an 11T cog engaged in the rear. With the 30T Mighty Mini my top speed was about 26mph GPS verified with a very fast pedaling cadence on the 11T cog. That means that if you switch from a 34T to a 30T chainring you lose about 1mph of top speed. You should also expect that with this chain ring you will have a fast pedaling cadence at anything over about 20mph or so. Even though I suffer through my wife’s Brazilian Buttlift video weekly I still weigh in at a hefty 200lbs so your builds will probably go faster because you’re not fat. Or ugly either.

The Mighty Mini was able to creep up insanely steep slopes using the 32T granny. I could not even find anything steep enough to need the 36T granny, but it’s nice to know that it’s always there. This is one area the BBS02 really excels at, crawling up really steep slopes in a very low gear. Under high loads, the BBS02 likes to spin fast, not slow. It’s much easier on everything in the drive unit and it generates much less heat. You’ll have to trust me on that one.

Filthy I tell you, how do ebikes live like this?

Filthy I tell you, how do ebikes live like this? Shameful. Really.

As I expected, I had no chain issues with a 10-speed chain and most of the time I was able to ride in the middle of my cassette, which is always the best place to ride. If you are always in your granny gear then your front chain ring is too big and if you’re always on your smallest cog then your front chain ring is too small. Like Goldilocks, for single track this chain ring is just right.


At 56g this is the lightest BBS02 chainring.

The weight is simply astounding, nothing else I’ve found even comes close. The Biktrix adapter and 34T Raceface chainring that this replaced weighed in at a hefty 138g, more than twice what the Mighy Mini 30T BBS02 chain ring did.


This looks like a lead weight next to the 30T ring.

The torque that you get with the smaller ring is not as noticeable as the 30T mighty mini was with the BBSHD, mostly because the BBS02 is just not as powerful of a drive unit. If you have a BBS02 cargo bike, a tandem with a BBS02 or a singletrack trail machine with a BBS02 then the 30T Mighty Mini is an excellent choice for a front chainring. If you want maximum top speed then you should go for a larger chainring like the Lekkie 42T Bling Ring or even a crap-ass 52T steel factory chainring for the highest top speeds.

As a side note I do NOT recommend the BBS02 for a cargo bike or a tandem. If you can afford it, then spring for a BBSHD drive unit instead. You won’t regret it.

Ride On.



15 thoughts on “Luna Mighty Mini 30T Chainring For The BBS02 – Because Sometimes Good Things Come In Really, Really Small Packages

  1. I just rode my BBSHD fatbike build yesterday for the first time, and have that ring. It’s working great, and I really like the additional lightening holes since the first prototype I saw a while back . There is NO useless material left, very nice.


  2. I got the sprockets back from the platers. They didn’t have any holes in them, and I was feeling kind of blinged out. I had been making everything blingy for Eric’s new company and these were untested and
    I didn’t know if they would even work. In fact, Eric didn’t even ask for them, I just decided to make some.
    In order to not blemish my reputation I did the bling thing and there you are. The Bling Gods appeased.


    • Kim even though people pick on me because your chainring brought me to tears, I have to say it is the most beautiful chainring I have ever touched. They work amazingly, I’ve been riding it every day.

      So awesome. Keep it up, you’re going to put all those Chinese machinists out of work.


  3. Karl – question – Im not far off ordering BBSHD for my full suspension Marin Xm7. I plan to do a lot of single track PAS climbing, mid steep/rocks/roots. But also I want some good top end speed for general riding back and forth etc .. so which d ya think is more suited .. 30T Mini or 42T Eclipse?


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  5. My mountain bike has a 22 tooth chainring which i would like to keep when riding my bike without electrical power. Are there any mid drive electrical kit options that do not change the original bike gearing.


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  7. Hello, looking for some advice, I have a Biktrix Juggernaut with the BBS02. I believe the front chain ring is a stock 46 tooth. I live in central Massachusetts and deal with many hills. I recently upgraded from the stock 7 speed rear cassette to the 9 speed. What size chain ring would be the best.. Oh BTY I’m A Big Guy 250ibs.
    notice that since I changed to 9 speed I don’t use 1st 2nd 3rd gear to low looking for more top end.
    Also …want your opinion on getting the shifting sensor installed. Does it really work? I would have to hook it up to one of the brake shutoff sensor or get the Y adapter.
    Would appreciate any thoughts.

    Thank you



    • If you want more power and to be able to climb hills on singletrack easier or commute then get the Lekkie 42T chainring. If you want to plow through deep powder or only ride tight twisty singletrack at low speeds get a 36T or 34T Raceface with an adapter. 30T is too small for that bike. With a 36 or 34 you will not be happy with commuting, so it is for trails only. If you commute get the 42T Lekkie.

      Gear sensor is a waste of money in my opinion. If you want to shift stop pedaling for a second, shift, then start pedaling again.


    • There is no point in exceeding 9 metres of rollout for a Bafang BBS02 motor. I have a 52/12, so a 46 or 48/11 and you will be able to pedal along with full power up to 40 mph, assuming your legs and cardio are decent. Therefore if your smallest sprocket is 11 tooth, there is no point in “more top end” is all it will get you is more motor loading.


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