Is Storm Sondors Really Ivars Sondors? Was He Already Sued For Non Payment?


A name change would explain his almost complete lack of a web presence.

To Quote from an Endless Sphere Thread on whether the Storm Campaign is a scam:

Is Storm Sondors actually “Ivars Sondors” of Chicagoland and Malibu?

If he is, the good news is he really works in the toy industry:

It looks like he patented one toy helicopter and one pair of loaded dice (with packaging).

And he also trademarked one metal “death grip” keychain.

But the bad news is that he is of dubious character:

He was successfully sued for fraud with a $40k judgement (particularly troubling is the charge that he doesn’t pay vendors, ergo, does not deliver goods):

Ivars Sondors is associated with offshore entities:

This whole thing is fascinating.


So there is someone who shares Storm’s last name who worked in the toy industry who lives in Malibu.

Is Storm really Ivars?

Was he sued for not paying his debts?

Will he deliver on his promises?

It is unlikely that Indiegogo will shut down the campaign even if Storm really is Ivars, they are really only interested in getting their cut of the campaign. If Ivars changed his name to get out from under this settlement and is still an honest and forthcoming guy he should have no problem paying off the old settlement now.

The $3,225,214 question is will he deliver on his promises or take the money and run? I have to hope and believe in my heart that he will make good on his promises because when faced with a choice on whether to believe in someone or question them, I chose to believe in them until they prove they are untrustworthy. Mr. Sondors has responded to almost all of my criticisms of their campaign in a fashion that is acceptable. Now I’m asking even more of him than that.

The world is looking at you Mr. Sondors.

A post made 3 years ago connecting the name Ivars with Storm Sondors.

A post made 3 years ago connecting the name Ivars with Storm Sondors.

Check out this Youtube video here and look at the comments section which directly connects the name Ivars to Storm Sondors.

Ride On.

19 thoughts on “Is Storm Sondors Really Ivars Sondors? Was He Already Sued For Non Payment?

  1. I read the judgement. It was because a “headhunter” service offered up some people for Ivars to hire at his company. Ivars said he was not interested in them, then ended up hiring one or more of them later. The “headhunter” company sued Ivars for their fee. Not really the kind of stuff that would scare me off from trusting his company to come through…

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    • I hate these 3rd parties “headhunter” service. I don’t know why companies use them in the first place? As all they do is stick themselves in the middle and actually prevent people from getting work as they ask a ridiculous fees from companies that want to hire that person permanently and that company has to wait a year to get around that fee. I mean usually around 12k plus and then on top of that they get paid by the hour. So they make let say for example $10 dollar and that company has to pays let say $25 a hour which $10 alone goes to agency and then the $15 remaining goes to the employee. It a huge ripoff and prevent people from getting work permanently. This type of practice sure be made illegal. It funny how they accuse Ivar of fraud, but they are the ones committing a huge disservice to others everyday and played a big part why the job market is so screw up.


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  17. If Storm Sondors ever produces the three wheeled Model Sondors electric car, he should put a targa top in the roof. Driving it in the open air would give it extra appeal.


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