Where In The World Is Karl? I’m Writing For Electricbike.com Now

Recently I’ve started writing articles for electricbike.com due to a whole variety of reasons. By no means am I abandoned this blog, I’ll still be trying to write one article every week or two here, but Eric has challenged me to write one non-crappy article every day for his blog electricbike.com . At first, this request seemed completely unreasonable, but the more I thought about it the less unreasonable it became so I am stepping up to the challenge. If you want to support me, there are a number of ways that you can do that.

Here are just a few articles I have written in the last week, check them out

  1. Click on over to electricbike.com and on the bottom right enter your email and click on the ‘subscribe button’. You will never get any spam, just an email notification of any article that I write about 30 seconds after I publish it. We do not sell or use your email for anything other than sending out electricbike.com articles.
  2. Post links to my articles on social media to help spread the good word. We want to get the righteous word out there about high speed and high power ebikes and let people know they don’t have to just ride boring crap.
  3. Support ebike vendors that sell high power stuff. Don’t buy cheap ebikes from Amazon, Walmart or anywhere else that uses boring, underpowered hub motors. You’ll save a few bucks, but at what cost?
  4. Send me ideas for articles. Coming up with fresh new ideas for articles is one of the hardest parts of my job, no idea is too stupid for me to write about. Email me at info@electricbike-blog.com . I don’t want to just follow the news cycle like every other boring blog out there, I want my articles to be fresh, interesting and new.
  5. Post comments at the end of the articles, this makes it seem like you are engaged and will attract more readers and create a ‘community’ on electricbike.com .
  6. Gosh darn it, stop downvoting my articles on Reddit. There is a bunch of people who consistently downvote my articles on Reddit, I’m not sure who they are but you’ve got to have better things to do with your time. Get a hobby. I know I suck, I know my articles are boring, you don’t have to remind me.
  7. Subscribe to my youtube channel, I’m going to start putting out a lot more content on it, but I need 1000 subscribers to embed links in videos and monetize it. I know my videos suck right now, but soon they will be awesome. I promise.

Good content is on its way, all I need is just a few more subscribers, look at that happy face

I don’t spend hardly any time on Facebook or Reddit because frankly I can’t deal with distractions and I’m too busy trying to create content. If you want good content to keep coming you have to support me. The easiest way to do that is to follow the steps above.

Thanks guys, without you I wouldn’t do this (or maybe I would but no one would read anything I wrote).

You make it all worthwhile.

Ride On.

7 thoughts on “Where In The World Is Karl? I’m Writing For Electricbike.com Now

  1. I’m enjoying your articles on the other site, but in the comments section there is a “blog token not found” error and I’m unable to comment. This is both with a chrome browser on desktop and safari on mobile. Just FYI.


  2. I have a fushield 36v 8ah battery and its fuse blew out I need some advice on how to get my e-bike back up and working my bike is a makeshift e-bike it has an e-bike kit that was bought off eBay for 137$ and its a mongoose from Walmart that sat in my dad’s garage I need help finding a fuse.


  3. HELLO
    Sorry my English is very poor.
    I am interested in taking a long trip on an electric bicycle. I was thinking of buying a bafang bbshd 1000w motor and putting in a 52v amp?? battery but I don’t know if it will give me enough electrical help throughout the journey, which will be at least 100 kms a day. What do you think? Max amps for bbshd in 52v. What would be the correct kit to electrify a long distance touring bicycle. Bafang 1000w or Cyc 3000w. Thanks


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