Would Someone With Money & Free-time Please Organize A Group-Buy For This Bike? – $846 Shipped

A couple of weeks ago I pretended that I was someone who actually had any money and sent inquiries to a bunch of vendors on Alibaba for bulk purchases of ebike quotes. Of about a dozen vendors, the one I liked the best was this front suspension fatbike with a BBS01 750W drive unit and a 10ah battery. It looks like you can get a sample delivered for $1510 to New York and 10 bikes shipped for $8466. I asked for CIF quote for freight included and this is what they gave me although it sounds really low. Lohas is a huge bicycle factory that deals with tons of orders like this and so it seems legit. I’ve not heard of the BBS01 fitted with the 750W controller, but I don’t see any reason why they couldn’t do it. The BBS01 motor is slightly smaller and less powerful and spins at a much lower top speed.


Seeing as how the Sondors Electric bike sold 7000+ 59lb steel frame underpowered 500watt geared hub motored singlespeed fatbikes for $692-792 (shipping included) it seems like someone should be able to make some money importing a far superior BBS01 750w multi-geared front suspension aluminum frame bike.

My originating email for this posting on alibaba

Interested in KCMTB019 qty 10 with a BBS02 drive unit set at 750Watts programmed to 25Amps and the 48v 10Ah battery.

What is the exact weight of this bike with this battery?

What colors is it manufactured in?

What would the approx shipping be to Willseyville, NY 13864 USA for 10 units CIF.

Is there any chance that I could get a sample of this bike before I do a full order to test it before I buy more?


Their response to me

normally,we use the BBS01 mid drive unit,the BBS02 can not fix into the frame.

Yes, you can buy 1 sample by air or buy 10 samples by sea, one 48v SAMSUNG battery weight about 2.8 KGS, any simple color if you want!

750w 48v 10ah model : 1 ebike by air to your address totally need $1510; 10 ebikes directly shipped to New York,USA totally need $8466 ;

we have great sale performance in USA and most of clients prefer 750w 48v 10ah model;any info,pls call me back anytime.

Any takers? Might make a good kickstarter campaign. To be clear, I am not buying these bikes but I think they are a good enough deal that someone else should buy them and tell me how great they are.

Thanks to Lorrin Lee who thinks that you should never give your money to someone who doesn’t have alliteration in their name.

Ride On.

6 thoughts on “Would Someone With Money & Free-time Please Organize A Group-Buy For This Bike? – $846 Shipped

  1. Wow, I had to look up Alliteration! :^)

    Karl, I am glad you decided to organize the purchase of these bikes. It will be great to have someone in the industry that has dealt with companies in China coordinating everything. :^)


  2. Hi there,

    Wow great price. I was just in the middle of ordering 7 BBS02 units from China.

    Maybe we can work something out.

    Do you know the exact difference between the BBS01 vs. BBS02. Also would we be able to upgrade the charger to 5 amp and upgrade the batteries to Panasonic 11.6Ah or higher.

    Let me know.


    Mark Anthony


    • I’m not buying anything for anyone, just putting it out there. You’d have to create an account with Alibaba and talk to Lohas directly.

      I’ve never owed a BBS01 and didn’t realize there was a 750w version. It’s all a crapshoot really. You would be wise to get a sample bike to test if you’re thinking of importing them.


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