Biktrix Releases A 100mm BBS02 Drive Unit And Replacement Axle Kit

Our friends in Canada at Biktrix are releasing their own version of the 100mm BBS02 drive unit both as a complete ready to install unit as well as a swap it out yourself kit. The drive unit will sell for around $1225 USD and the axle kit should go for around $429 USD or less. The final pricing has not been decided yet, but it should be posted to their main website soon.


Biktrix is the company behind the Juggernaut Kickstarter ($68,893) which is the only successful crowd-funded BBS02 fat-bike to date that I know of. It also happens to be my personal favorite crowdfunded campaign as they were honest with their specifications and clearly know what they are doing. They tested several types of drive units and motors before settling on the BBS02 and then built the Juggernaut’s aluminum frame specifically to fit the BBS02 without axle modification. They have taken their expertise with the BBS02 and made a drive unit with a 100mm axle available to the public. Biktrix is now the third independent company doing this along with California E-bikes and Lectric Cycles. It’s clear that the demand for a 100mm BBS02 is huge. Their drive unit should work on almost every 100mm +/- 10mm bottom bracket fat-bike currently on the market with the exception of some carbon-fiber frames.


The Biktrix BBS02 units sold in Canada will be set to 20 Amps/500 watts (the Canadian street legal maximum) however don’t dispair as they are easily reprogrammed to 750 watts and no one will be the wiser. Kiss your warranty goodbye if you reprogram them, it is common knowledge that once you start messing with the programming on these units no one in their right minds will warranty them. The US units will ship with the full 25 Amps/750 watts but that is the nominal rating and the units frequently will peak at over 1200 watts for short bursts.


They will be providing a tapping kit as a rental for people who want to install the axle themselves into existing BBS02 units. Their extension unit that screws into the drive unit is pre-painted so it won’t rust. Biktrix went to great pains to match the hardness of the axle with the stock Bafang axle and both are equal in the Rockwell hardness test. Both the kit and the drive unit ship with a chainring adapter which in my opinion is a must-have for a trail bike. The next batch arrives in about 2 weeks and they are always interested in hearing from shops that want to resell their products in the US. Their contact email is and the best way to see what’s currently up with them is to frequently check their facebook page.

I ordered a unit and will be testing it and posting an article on how it compares to the competition in a few weeks.

Ride On.





One thought on “Biktrix Releases A 100mm BBS02 Drive Unit And Replacement Axle Kit

  1. Sadly these are made in India. Matching Bafang quality isn’t necessarily a good thing. There are some recent changes in heat treatment that may not be for the better. I feel better about USA made shafts.


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