Lekkie Bling Ring – The Sexiest BBS02 Chainring Ever Forged In The Fires Of Mordor

The best chainring I've tried on the BBS02 hands down

One ring to rule them all.

Lekkie released their bling ring several months ago and I just got around to getting one and testing it this week. I was blown away at how good this chainring performed on almost every level.


The Bling Ring sure makes the rest of my bike look really bad.

IMAG2818I tested the Bling Ring on a 26 full-suspension bike with a 9 speed massive Shimano HG61 36T cassette designed for 29er bikes. With the 36T granny gear and the 42T up front and a 26″ wheel with a 2.2″ tire I found that I could always get to a low enough gear even when climbing up very steep slopes that I would normally walk up. Every configuration I’ve done with this bike has had chain derailment problems, even with the stock Bafang 44T chainring.

The Bling Ring worked fine (with almost no clearance to spare) on my Full Suspension Ace 2.0 and on the Bullseye Monster Green Machine. On the Boris X9 Reaper I could not mount it without using a spacer as the teeth hit the chainstay. It is likely that if you own a fatbike with a 5″ clearance on the rear that this chainring will hit the chainstay without a spacer.

This is how nice it will probably look on your nice clean bike. A clean bike is the sign of a wasted life.

This is how nice it will probably look on your bike. A clean bike is the sign of a wasted life. Whoever built up this bike forgot to remove the front derailler, clearly not a weight weenie.

The top speed on the road with a 42T front and 11T rear is a little less (especially going downhill) than the stock 48T chainring that comes standard with the BBS02, but it still comfortably will do 25+ mph with full throttle. There is no way to go smaller with the Bling-Ring than 42T and still be able to correct the chain-line as much as it does.

Much lighter than the stock chainring.

Much lighter than the stock chainring.

Raceface 34T with Ballaratebikes adapter and bolts

Raceface 34T with Ballaratebikes adapter $25 and bolts

Steel 32T truativ chainring with adapter and bolts

Steel 32T truativ chainring with adapter and bolts

Stock Chainring and Metal cover

Stock 48T Chainring and Metal cover

The standard chainrings offset the chain-line back toward the bike by 5mm, but the Bling Ring offset back toward the bike is 9mm. Using a chainring adapter for smaller chain wheels like the raceface will push your chainline away from the bike even father creating even more chain derailment problems, especially under load.

Dealing with chain derailments is the biggest bummer with the BBS02. The problem is somewhat corrected by many work-arounds that are outlined at the end of this article here but none of them work as well as a Lekkie Bling-Ring.

48T stock chainring with cheap crappy plastic cover

48T stock chainring with cheap crappy plastic cover

The Lekkie Bling chainring is available in Blue, Black or Gold. For stealthy singletrack ebikes black is the color I would choose, as you don’t want draw attention to your drive unit.

Will 42T be a small enough chainwheel to avoid burning out your controller? It depends on the wheel diameter and the size of your biggest cog on the cassette. For whatever reason the biggest cog I can find on an 8 speed cassette is 34T (Shimano Megarange 11-34) although many of my 8 speed cassettes are only 32T. For 9 speed cassettes there is the Shimano HG-61 12-36T but the 9 speed chain is more fragile than the 8 speed chain. For 11 speed chains there are some incredibly big cogs in the X1 series like the Sram XG-1180 10-42T but I am extremely skeptical that this setup can take the power output of the BBS02 750 unit without getting destroyed. A 26″ fatbike tire is about the diameter of a normal 29″ tire. Different configurations I feel still work best for different setups.

  • A 26″ fat-bike tire with a 32T rear cog is still going to need a 36T or 34T Raceface Ring
  • A regular 2″ 26″ tire with a 36T rear cog is going top be fine with a Bling Ring
  • A 26″ fat-bike tire with a 36T rear cog could go either way and work
  • A 24″ or 20″ tire with pretty much any sized cassette (except single speed) is fine with a Bling Ring
  • A 29er with a 36T ring could go either way but better with the Bling Ring
  • A singlespeed with a 22T rear ring is going to need a 32T chain ring for single-track although it could use the Bling chainring if it was only a commuter

You can purchase a Lekkie Bling ring direct from Lekkie in NZ for $120 or from Paul with em3ev in China for $80 here. As far as I know the only person selling them in the US currently is Matt from EMPowered cycles who sells them for $90 here. Matt also includes a Lekkie chainring as an option when you buy his BBS02 kits. The only downsides I see of the Bling Ring is that it is made of hardened aluminum (which wears faster) instead of steel and the price.

Ride On.

25 thoughts on “Lekkie Bling Ring – The Sexiest BBS02 Chainring Ever Forged In The Fires Of Mordor

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  2. Hi, we are testing the adapter kit from california-ebike.com on our fatbike and we have a 10 speed sram on it. Now with the adapter a 32t on the front but the chain line is still of. What can we do?


    • It depends on how big of a cog you have in the rear. If you have a 36T rear you can probably get by with a Lekkie ring for trailriding. For commuting the Lekkie is fine.

      The Lekkie will move the chainline about 1/2″ back toward the bike compared to the Cali-ebikes adapter and a 32T ring.


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  7. Any idea yet what the best option is for the new BBSHD1000watt as far as chainring? I red that the Lekkie won’t fit nor will the Chainring adaptors from before…I want to buy a Race Face Narrow wide but wasnt sure if I should buy a 104mm, 110mm or 130mm and also which adaptor to buy also…this will be for my new BBSHD1000 purchase…any advice would be great!


    • There is a lot of exciting developments that I really can’t talk about yet. The steel chainring from Bafang is basically a paperweight. Your best bet is to email subscribe to the blog and you’ll hear about options as soon as they become available. It will be soon.

      No BBS02 chainring adapters are going to work with the BBSHD including the Lekkie Bling Ring.


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    • Tire size in the display doesn’t change anything but the speedo reading.

      If you want decent torque for singletrack riding you’ll want a 34T or 36T in the rear. If it’s for the road than a 32T would be fine.


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  17. if I replace my 48 tooth stock bbso2 chainring for a Bling Ring 42 tooth would it be a dramastic decrease in my top speed I know it depends on the rear cogbut just for example I can get about 35 miles per hour with my 48 tooth just pedaling without throttle also what the 42 tooth be much more beneficial in the Life of my bbs02 motor and internal nylon gears? and on another note does anyone know why bafang would use a plastic gear on their Motors why not just have all the gear’s mad of metal?


    • they say the nylon gear is what keeps the motor quiet. my non expert guess is you’d lose like 5mph in speed, which wouldn’t be big of a loss if you got plenty of hills to tackle, cos you’d gain on those.


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