A Recent Batch Of BBS02 Drive Units Shipped With A Dedicated 6V Headlight Connector

Our good friends at Biktrix just got their latest shipment of 500w BBS02 drive units in from Bafang with an unexpected surprise. The drive units shipped with a 6v connector male designed to be mated to a 6V headlight assembly. Although several of the displays for the BBS02 have had support for turning headlights on and off, this is the first we’ve seen of support for a headlight through the drive unit. It is unlikely that all new drive units will have this connector, as Bafang is known to do short production runs with weird stuff thrown in like this.

front light

The ebay headlight that I reviewed here will not work properly as the lowest voltage that can sustain it is 12V however there is a slew of 5V bike headlights with USB connectors that should be able to be cannibalized to mate with the BBS02. It’s not a standard Higo connector so we’ll be waiting with bated breath to see if someone will start carrying the lights or cables with the right female connectors that can be cut up to jury-rig 3rd party headlights onto the BBS02.

This connector could also be perfect for charging your cellphone off your big battery pack, or even feeding a dash-camhelmet-cam for your ebike. I’ve been researching different low-end weatherproof cameras to mount permanently on the bike and this feature may make it much easier to record every ride. So when those texting zombies behind the wheel run you off the road you will have a video of it to show the courts.

As I know more I’ll update this article. If it becomes a standard item on the BBS02 drive units I’ll also post it here, but very recent batches of 750W BBS02 drive units from Bafang have not shipped with this connector, and only one small batch of 10 500W units shipped to Biktrix as of yet have had the extra connector.

Ride On.

7 thoughts on “A Recent Batch Of BBS02 Drive Units Shipped With A Dedicated 6V Headlight Connector

  1. It’s an intriguing idea, to use a dashcam. I suppose a helmetcam would be easier to position to catch the action. A guy named “Techmoan” does reviews on YouTube, very in depth. Most have water proof housings, which makes them a bit cumbersome. Running a wire to a helmet is not so practical, Not even sure which way to point a fixed camera. Front and rear is best.


    • I’m thinking the same way, mounted on the bike, front and rear, waterproof and would automatically run whenever you were riding. You can solder wires to the battery connections and then silicone where the wires run into the camera units.

      I’ve been hit 3 times by cars, twice hit and run, twice in the hospital (both hit and run times), but I’m not bitter.


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  3. I just got a new BBSHD unit yesterday and it also had this plug. Not sure if there is anything I can run with it. It would be cool if could run a headlight through it.


  4. My bbs02 have a difrent connector but the same function. The information i got from dillenger was that it could be loaded with a current up to 0.3A. Not much current to run a light with but a relay chould be fine and then the sky is the limit.


  5. Showing up on German BBS01b as well. Sadly a version mostly gone from the USA market and the need for speed. That said a half dozen flat foot frames out of my shop have been running without a glitch for 18 months.


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