And Now For Something Completely Different : The First Folding eFatbike

Bad Bike in Naples Italy have created the worlds first 20″ folding electric fatbike.


With a front ring that is big enough for commuting at a decent clip and a rear mounted hub motor this little beauty looks like it would be a coosh ride on the street.

Although the hub motor is small (250Watt EU limit) it brings up an interesting idea. Mounting a em3ev 12T FatMac into a 20″ fatbike rim. That would give you much greater torque (and a lower top speed). I would bet that a 20″ Fat Mac 12T would be very close to power and performance of a BBS02 on a 26″ tire fat tire with a 34T front and a 28T rear. It would likely top out at 10mph but with enough torque to climb stairs. Someone build it please and send me pictures.

Great view from the rear.

Nice rubber, nice lines, needs a bigger hub for trailriding.

The big disadvantage would be a smaller footprint for the tire and it would likely sink into the snow much easier.

Thanks to Spinning Magnets from ES, who likes his ebikes like he likes his women, light and foldable.

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