Electric-Fatbike.com Officially Ends Our Coverage Of The Sondors Ebike

After countless insults, hate-mail, getting run off the Storm Usergroup Facebook page and working really hard at NOT getting post-banned I’ve finally decided to stop writing about the Sondors Ebike controversy. Congratulations, you win!

I got a refund, I no longer care what happens from this point forward. Unless I get legal notification in the form of a cease and desist letter all my previous posts will remain unchanged.


You are all adults, educate yourselves and make up your own minds.There was too much negativity on this roller coaster ride from BOTH sides for anyone to take. Several of my friends ordered these bikes so if and when they get them I’ll do a review on it that will be probably totally unprofessional and obnoxious. If you want to read a real review, then head over to electricbikereview.com, they seem to really like factory ebikes. I only seem to like stuff that I build myself and just bash everything else. Go figure.

Good luck, I wish everyone the best. This blog was setup to become a valuable information source for people who wanted to build and ride electric fatbikes. It has somehow become a tabloid for the lowest common denominator and I take full responsibility for that. It ends now.

I write because I love to build things and share my knowledge, not for insults, threats and abuse.

I hope everyone gets the bike they want to get and lives happily ever after.

Ride On.

10 thoughts on “Electric-Fatbike.com Officially Ends Our Coverage Of The Sondors Ebike

  1. Karl, after everything you written about this, mostly negative, and then maybe the biggest news of all, that you got a refund??? and that’s all you’re going to say about it? WTFingF?


  2. So sorry it turned out that way, the idiots of the world ruin it for the rest of us 😡 I for one support your attempt to provide us a source for more information and updates on reviews. Thanks.

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  3. FWIW I agree with your sentiments and posts, just trying to raise peoples concerns has been draining, but if anything lets hope Sondors comes up with a bike with a 10-20 mile range that lasts a few months, I foresee massive logistical/import/tax problems and warranty/support issues personally but good luck to everyone.

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  4. I like your sharing of information and I have learned a lot……I appreciate that and Thank you…..as far as the Sonders Bike…….I don’t really care about it one way or the other……I was going to put my money down on one but held back for one reason…” If something is too good to be true…it usually is” So having seen this so many times in my life I knew better…..Keep doing what your doing and we will all enjoy…the bantering about some guys possibly scamming is not a problem for anybody except the person who put some money down…its their lesson to learn.

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