VeeRubber Bulldozer 4.7 – Roll Over Any And Everything With Ease

I’m not a big fan of Vee Rubber tires. The Mission 4 and Vee 8 tires are both at the bottom of my list for tires that I’d recommend to someone I didn’t hate. The Bulldozer 4.7 may make a VeeRubber believer out of me yet. I bought ($90 on ebay) and tested a 120tpi folding bead Bulldozer tubeless on a Bluto Bullseye Monster Pro with a Biktrix 100mm BBS02 on both dry and wet single track trails. The performance of this tire far exceeded my expectations.

Finally Vee Rubber has created a creative tread pattern that doesn't suck.

Finally Vee Rubber has created a creative tread pattern that actually works.

I bought this tire for the express purpose of mounting it on the front tire with a Bluto fork of a single-track dirt-only bike. The tread pattern is quite different from other tread patterns I’ve seen with the large depressed areas imprinted with a rough textured rubber. I liked everything about this tire when I ran it tubeless at 8 psi. There was almost no counter-steer and the tire seemed to absorb everything the trail would throw at it. The combination of this tire and a Bluto fork reminded my of riding an 8 inch suspension downhill bike.

The traction was good even in mud, cornering it seemed to grip almost as well as the Surly Bud but without all the noise and rolling resistance. In deep powder I have no doubt that the Bud\Lou combo is still the weapon of choice, but this tire seems to be a more reasonable choice for a bike that you would ride on the highway as well as in the trails. When riding a tire with 7mm of tread like the Bud or Lou the tires make far more road noise than the electric motor does.

For those snow-camo bikes this tire comes in an off-white option.

For those snow-camo bikes this tire comes in an off-white option.

Rating System is 1(worst) to 5 (best)

Powder – 4 : Great float, decent traction for the smaller tread size. The lateral traction leaves something to be desired but still decent.

Mud – 4 : Didn’t clog up even in clay filled mud. Good lateral traction, very predictable. Would slip a little then catch.

Ice – 3.5 : About what you expect, decent on textured ice, just as crappy as everything else on glare ice.

Singletrack – 5 : Rolls over most everything with ease. Great lateral traction, all around excellent

Road – 3 : No much road noise, tracks well, barely perceptible countersteer at 8psi.

Rolling Resistance – 4 : Much better than I expected.

Weight – 4 : About 1378g, better than I would expect for a tire this size width with such big treads.

Weighed on a non-Park Tools scale and photographed with a 5 year old smartphone with a broken camera lens.

Weighed on a $10 fleabay digital scale

I would recommend this tire, especially if you are more interested in riding it on single-track and less interested in the snow. The performance was much better than the 4 other VeeRubber fat-bike tires I have tried to date.

Ride On.


9 thoughts on “VeeRubber Bulldozer 4.7 – Roll Over Any And Everything With Ease

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  6. I really like your tyre reviews, it’s hard to find any degree of systematic, comperative and descriptive reviews for fat bike tyres (except here). What is the width and height of the tyres? Like you wrote, Vee has sometimes exaggerated their sizes “a little bit”, I’d like to know if this would fit my rear which has clearance for a 4.5” (theoretical) tyre (~4.1” actual).


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