Bafang Finally Releases A 1000W Mid-Drive Codenamed BBSHD That Fits A 68-120mm BB With Giant Fins

Rumors have persisted for more than a year now that Bafang was working on a BBS02 that would be shipped from the factory with support for a 100mm+ fat-bike bottom brackets. I haven’t covered this at all out of respect for the three companies that have spent a lot of time and effort making their own 100mm axle conversions for the BBS02. Now Bafang has updated their website with specs for their newest drive unit listed as the G32.1000 located here that will be called the BBSHD. It won’t be available stateside for at least another couple of months (est availability for US consumers is Nov 1st), I’ll post a review as soon as I get one.

Lectric Cycles will have one mounted on a full suspension Salsa Bucksaw for your demoing pleasure this year at Interbike, so go seek them out if you want to try it before you buy it. There are only 6 pre-production units in the entire universe and Lectric has 2 of them.


More of everything we want without too much more weight and a much higher a price. Pricing will probably be at least $150-200 more than the BBS02. Comes with a real nice drop shadow.


Old faithful the BBS02, notice the smaller motor and lack of cooling fins.

Bafang has this to say about the new drive unit

With an integrated speed sensor, this mid-drive motor, which is compatible with a 68-120mm bottom bracket, has a rated power of 750-1000W, a reduction ratio of 1: 21.9 and a maximum torque of 160 N.m, will provide the rider with great explosive force when starting the system. Highly strong and efficient, this motor greatly enhances riding joy and is suitable for mountain bikes and sand bikes which are the favorites of riders who love challenges as well as transport bikes. This motor is black.

I’m not sure what I’m the most excited about,

  • That this unit works with 68-120mm BB
  • A new 30 amp 12 FET controller with the cooler running IRFB3077 mosfets
  • The increased power to 1000W nominal
  • Increase in torque 160Nm
  • Bigger fins to keep the drive unit running cooler
  • The fact that the drive unit is still black. I guess their market analysis said there was no demand for a bright pink drive unit.


The RPM is increased to 130-150RPM from the BBS02 750W which ran at around 120RPM which is way faster than you could ever pedal even if you were on high on drugs. Drugs are terrible, just because your parents do them doesn’t mean they are OK.

The nominal wattage rating is 1000W and I’m guessing that it will peak out at around 1500-1600W which puts it firmly into Lightning Rods Small Block territory. More power is better, and the motor is still small enough that you could lie to the cops and say it’s 750W … hopefully before they beat you senseless and throw you in the paddy-wagon. It turns out this motor has the same amount of copper as the old 750W motor but is wound and wired to take 1000W continuous power.

4.8kg = 10.6 lbs which is about what the 100mm BBS02 kits weigh so it’s nice that it’s not as heavy as a large geared hub or direct drive. A comparable DD motor like the MXUS would be 20lbs or more and would eat a lot more watts than this one will under load.

UPDATE: 4.8 is a blatant and outright lie (pics are here). This drive unit weighs in at a whopping 12lbs and 11oz. There is nothing I hate more than people who lie about the weight of their drive systems.

I have confirmation that the new 12 FET BBSHD controller may be designed to support a max of 40 Amps opposed to the 25 Amps that the old BBS02 controller would max out at. From the factory it will ship to max out at 30 Amps and as of right now there is no way to program it at higher power than that. It is unknown if you will be able to plug one of the new controllers into an old BBS02 to hotrod it, but I would expect not.

160Nm means more wheelie popping power over the 120Nm of the 750W BBS02. More Nm = More fun. 160Nm is about 2.1 times the maximum Nm of force of the most powerful Bosch drive unit you can buy the Performance CX. *Yawn*

Nm is the amount of torque you get from 1 Newton of force on a meter long arm.

Nm is the amount of torque you get from 1 Newton of force on a meter long arm.

I’m almost certain that their controller will be running the newer IRF3077 mosfets that they have been charging an extra $20 premium from the factory for on the BBS02.

I’m guessing that the cost for the new unit will be about $150-200 over what you are paying now for the 750W BBS02 from reputable ebike vendors. I also would assume that this drive unit will heavily eat into the sales of the 750W BBS02 since who really is going to want to buy a US legal mid drive when they can get away with 1000W instead? Expect the price of the 750W BBS02s to start dropping in the coming months as dealers try to dump their existing stocks.

So what will the top speed of the new drive unit be? I’m guessing at full throttle on level ground with a 170lb rider and a 44T front ring and 12T cog the top speed would be around 30mph-ish. Going downhill with a very large chainwheel like a 52T you should be able to get close to 45mph. The place this motor should really shine is on steep uphills which should be around 20mph or so depending on the grade. With a similar power level on a DD motor or geared hub motor you won’t get anything close to the hill climbing ability of this mid-drive system.

From the top you can see that the axle as shown will not fit on a 120mm fatbike.

From the top you can see that the axle as shown will not fit on a 120mm fatbike. There will be 2 units with different length axles one for 100mm +/- BB and another for a 68-73mm BB.

Thanks for Lars from Norway for the tip. Lars is a firm believer that the power of the motor is directly proportional to the size of the fins and owns a 59 El Dorado because that had the biggest fins money can buy (not counting some Real Big Fish), but he hates buying gas for it at $8/gallon in Norway.

Eat your heart out Bafang, your fins just don't measure up.

Eat your heart out Bafang, your little fins just don’t measure up to the ’59 Caddy.

Speaking of fins this red car shown below was the same model car I drove around for 10 years in as my daily driver, a 1961 Dodge Phoenix. I bought it because it was the ugliest car I had ever seen. I never did get it on in the back seat although I should have as it was bigger than my couch. *sigh* Actually I don’t think I was ever with a woman in the 10 years I drove this car around.

PROTIP: If you want to get a girl don’t buy the ugliest car you’ve ever seen, especially one with reversed fins.

It never got more than 10mpg, I think it even got less. Had to add lead to the gas too, what an environmental disaster. I’ll pay back my karmic debt building and destroying ebikes.


Man, do I ever miss my old tank. Had to add the seatbelts myself, who needs seatbelts anyway?

Ride On you crazy diamonds.

28 thoughts on “Bafang Finally Releases A 1000W Mid-Drive Codenamed BBSHD That Fits A 68-120mm BB With Giant Fins

  1. My understanding of this new version 1000W kit is that it will use a controller that is very much like the current 9 fet in the BBS02. i do not think the controller will have a significantly higher current level or any higher, than the present 25A. I may be wrong on this point, but that is what i was told some time back. We’ll know soon enough.
    The motor is bigger/thicker. I’m not so sure this thicker motor can actually fit in a standard 68mm BB frame, but let’s wait and see. My understanding was that this thicker motor was only possible with the wider BB.

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    • Hey Paul thanks for posting, The information about the amp levels of the controller I got from Chris Head at Lectric cycles. I agree it would be a bad design to pump 45Amps through a 9 Fet controller. It should be able to take more power with the better fets, but not that much power. On the spec sheet from Bafang they list a 68mm BB so I’m pretty sure it will work with that. Chris also says the motor is basically the same size with the same mass of copper, just designed differently to take 1000W Cont. On the old BBS02 if you ran 1000W continuous through it you were asking for trouble.

      Looking forward to getting my hands on one, I feel bad for Doug, Legrand and Roshan for all their efforts with the 100mm kits.


  2. I noticed that MAC is no longer in the logo. Bafang could have a nice run with this motor. Given the integrated frame version of the BBS02 (Max), this is mildly surprising. Maybe Bafang sees that the conversion market has worked well for them. That would explain the broadening of the application to less standard bottom brackets. I guess it does take a nick out of Lectric Cycles, but they can now offer a much better motor. The pricing will be interesting. And who will get it for the first few months?


  3. The info mentioned a “speed sensor” – is that different setup to the current PAS sensor in the BBS02 (which seems to be either on or off, i.e. not “gradated”?
    Is the BBSHD a different thing to the rumoured BBST, which is supposed to have a tourque sensor?
    If I M after an e-MTB that feels as “organic” as possible – won’t it be the tourque sensor that allows that? Then again, I just recently had a chance to ride a Haibike back-to-back with my BBS02 – and couldn’t really tell that the tourque sensor made it feel much more natural. Can someone help me out, and tell me which motor I should be lusting after so that I can properly focuses my affections? 🙂


    • As far as I know the speed sensor is the same as the BBS02, the torque sensing drive unit is different and will be lower power, the BBSHD is NOT torque sensing.

      Torque sensing is the most organic, but most TS applications are much lower power. Check out my review of the Felt Lebowske which has the same Bosch as the Haibike. I was unimpressed.

      My advice is to lust after the BBSHD or the LR Big Block kit.


  4. Many thanks for the clarification – lust is now lazer-focussed, and and a lengthy campaign with the Minister for War and Finance has now commenced! Planning to put it in either of my 2008 Giant Reign, or 2011Commencal Meta 55 frames. Both fit that tricky set of criteria for dually games with the BBS02 – (i) enough space to mount the battery inside the main triangle, (ii) no suspension linkages under the bottom bracket, and (iii) little or no “S” bend in the down tube to give good ground clearance…

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  7. hi~
    I live in South Korea.
    I saw your YouTube video New 2016 Bafang 1000w mid drive.
    I would like to ask if you ever buy this product.
    I wonder whether it is the product of the maximum speed
    What is the price?
    Just ask to answer my email.


    • I don’t sell anything. It should be less than $1000 and you will be able to buy it from and

      I should have a unit for testing in the next couple of weeks.

      It should easily do 30mph on the level and 45mph downhill with a larger chainring on a fast bike.



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    • If you tap the ebrake when shifting with the pas then you should have no problem. I have plenty of 10 speeds that I run 1300W through the drive train with no problems. Most of my bikes are throttle only so you let off the throttle to shift.


    • I think the big issue with running it on a 10 speed group is the chain size, Will the BBSHD chainrings be thin enough to properly seat the chain or will it skip, or damage that very expensive 10 speed chain? That just got me wondering what size chains are the stock BBSxx chainrings designed for?


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  19. Hallo i was reading about lars from norway here anybody know how i can get in contact with him? im gonna buy a a bike and this 1000w but i have to many questions for what bike to put it on what batery tu use and so one so it would help me alot if i could talk to lars from norway because im from norway as well 🙂 i hope someone can help me to get in contact with him 🙂


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