Electric-Fatbike.com Is Now ElectricBike-Blog.com

Because change is the only constant in life, I’ve decided to break down and change the name of this blog. There are a lot of reasons I’ve chosen to do this, but not the least of which is that only a small fraction of articles on this blog seem to have anything to do with fat bikes. This blog was really created to move the struggling DIY e-bike industry forward. By calling the blog electric-fatbike.com I wanted to carve out my own little niche. The problem that I’m running up against is that a lot of people have e-bikes that are not fat and they are passing over the site and not coming back. Or maybe they just don’t get my great sense of humor. On top of that, it seems that I have not been able to make any sort of connection with the fat-bike community even though fat bikes are absolutely horrendously boring to pedal without a motor.

This is why I do this.

This is why I do this. Nothing beats being in the woods in fresh powder with my ebike. Nothing.

Today I was having a lot of problems with my Dark Matter build and it was actually so painful to pedal uphill that I got off and walked the bike. Walking that bike was infinitely more pleasurable (and faster) than pedalling it. Whatever resistance I’ve met with in the hardcore fat biking community is not going to be overcome anytime soon. I have no interest in waiting around for the tide to turn. I’m giving up and moving on.

Any links that point to electric-fatbike.com will continue to function into the foreseeable future. I chose the name very simply because they contained the 3 keywords that I want to be linked to in google. Although I’m sure that this change will hurt my rankings in the short run, in the end it will help me break through this glass ceiling I’m currently faced with.

For those of you that have read the blog loyally and supported me, I thank you. For everyone else who has insulted my writing and harassed me on the Internet, well you know where you can go. I’ve kayaked off 40 foot waterfalls, been almost shot by cops while hitchhiking in the Ukraine, been in a rental car that was driven off a 200′ cliff on hwy 101, been beaten up by cops, kited in 40 mph winds with 12′ high waves, so rest assured nothing you can type is really going to scare me.

I am excited about the future and e-bikes are on the brink of really becoming mainstream. Hopefully, we can all make that happen. Together.

Unity. We’ve got to stand together.

Ride On.

Since I changed my website name I figured it was the perfect time to change my name to Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to die.

34 thoughts on “Electric-Fatbike.com Is Now ElectricBike-Blog.com

  1. The name of the site has been of little importance to me – I can take or leave content as I wish, as I’m more interested in touring and utility e-biking. However, your technical nous transcends the niche you participate in. It’s all grist to the mill. Thanks, especially, for pushing your expensive equipment /through/ sensible limits so we can avoid the same 😉


    • Thanks Ken, the destruction of that BBSHD was Eric’s fault. He kept telling me he couldn’t kill it with an aftermarket controller. I told him I could kill it in 5 minutes or less.

      It was a snap.


  2. Hey Karl, I wanted to thank you for all the work that you have done with this site. I found you while researching an e-fat bike build, I was sold on Bafang from reading electricbike.com, but you took it to the next level answering almost every question I had about e-fat bike builds. You are a straight shooter, which is refreshing in this day and age of conformist journalism. You gave me the confidence to pull the trigger on my dream build, last week I took delivery of a Motobecane Night Train Bullit, and am receiving today the bbshd, 30t mighty mini, 52v 11.5 pf shark pack and upgraded lunacycle display. I have already set the bike up tubeless. I’ll send you pics when finished. Thanks again!


  3. Karl, you’ve been a great inspiration to me. My first Sondors got me back into biking after many years, and after reading just about every one of your posts (and lots elsewhere) I took the plunge and converted a mid 90’s vintage GT Tequesta MTB with a BBSHD, Luna 42t and 52v battery. I can’t believe how much fun that bike is, and the sheer joy I get from riding again. I’m temporarily off the saddle for a few weeks due to hand surgery but will be starting another build as soon as I get out of my cast. Thanks so much for the time and passion you share with all of us – and especially your sick humor. Keep it up! –Tom


  4. Hey Karl,

    for me, this side will always be “the crazy dude that builds the stuff i can’t afford”. Ride on and keep doing the good work!


  5. Karl, we have had our differences in the past, but you have always been the Go-to-Guy for all things mechanical/technical and ebicycle. I faithfully followed your recipes and built plug-and-play hassle free eBikes and followed your product and component reviews to get stuff that always worked. I cannot wait to see what’s next!


  6. Since finding your blog I’ve been coming daily in search of geek feed for my inner child. Even found my 55yr old self off road yesterday cutting thru a neighborhood woodland on my commuter BBS02 (converted old MTB). I blame you. Still grinning.


  7. Don’t worry about the Haters on the internet they are of very little importance. I for one would like to say that the site is excellent and informative and funny and has helped me where there was no information on E Bikes to fix my Bafang mid drive through your articles where other wise I would have been up shit street with out a paddle. Keep up the good work and as you would say RIDE ON.


  8. Awesome Karl! Your new blog name is just fine by me, it will be successful regardless of it name I figure. People appreciate what you are doing and sharing. I want you to know you helped me a lot and confirmed so much of what I was expecting and hoping for when searching for my first electric Fat Tire Bike. I reckon you have saved me a lot of time, grief, and money with your help on this blog.
    Also just to let you know this now is my only ride I use. I am quite happy going slow on a super cool rigid hill climber its all I will ever need for a bike.


  9. Hey you stole my name! I got a trademark on the name electric bike ! Just joking…i am proud you changed your name and copied me again 🙂 copying is the best form of flattery 🙂

    All the best to the new site. …as long as it does not pass mine.

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  10. The thing is, Karl, when you test something, you pretty much figure it out. When the HD came out, you got your hands on a couple. And in a short period of time I could read your blog posts and know what the HD could do. But the HD is ending up on commuter bikes and people want to know about PAS systems and IGH systems. Makes sense to expand the market, make it more general. I don’t plan to build an HD any time soon, or a fat bike, but I read everything you write. Everyone involved with ebikes should read your stuff.


  11. You web is awesome. I am glad there exist somebody who still share know-how with other ebike fans.

    I think It would take long time till ebikes will have a good reputation. Up untill now I am just getting bad opinion from bikers.

    I also got completely addicted to ebikes after first ride, now just building fourth bafang bike. Good luck and drive safely.


  12. Karl, I am still working up to my first fat bike build but that didn’t stop me from scrutinizing every post on your site, especially the BBSxx stuff, for the six builds I have done. Thanks, you saved me major grief. After reading your scary stuff resume in the post above I see we have a lot more than ebikes in common. I’ve been telling my kids “the time I almost died” stories over the dinner table since they were little and haven’t run out yet because I’m still out living them. It would be great to show scars and swap stories over a campfire, or better yet a couple of burning ebike motors, some time.


  13. Your blog is at the top of my list when people ask how to get more info on E-bikes, I always tell them it’s entertaining as hell also! So, don’t really care what you call it, just keep doing it. You are partially to blame for me going from “what the hell is an E-bike” last November, to now having three. I wish you had made it clearer though how addictive and expensive an activity it is though, ha ha.


    • Wow, thanks for the kind words Tom. I’m about $20,000 into the sport so I feel your pain. The other day I went out to the shed and almost all my ebikes were broken or weren’t working right. I’m using my 3rd backup bike now, and it’s still tweaky. You’d think with 15 bikes I’d always have something to ride.

      I could have a new car, but I’d rather have the bikes, way more fun.


  14. Here’s to you Karl. I found you about year ago and you inspired me (a 59 year old delinquent ) to lecy up my old faithful mk one Pugsley. I used Luna for all the stuff and used me to put the insanity together. It’s now finished and it rocks. And now, I’m going to lecy up my Barchetta recumbent ‘cos I’m nuts and rust never sleeps. Thanks again for your info and reviews.


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